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Wednesday 25 May 2016
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Aeroporto do porto, Balcao 8, Porto, Porto (Oporto) (Portugal)
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Porto Airport
Welcome to our unofficial airport guide where you will find everything you need for a stress free journey.

Porto Airport Departures

There are different modes of transport that you can utilize when it is time for your departure. You may use a taxi, hire a car, board a bus, or use a train. The mode of transport that you use during departure is determined by your budget and your needs. For example, when you desire flexibility and freedom, the best option is hiring a car. You may also opt for as taxi bit ensue that you go for one that is from a reputable company.

If you had hired a car at Porto airport, you need to remember to pay attention to the conditions for returning it. For example, if the car had a full tank when presented to you, you need to return it with a full tank to avoid additional charges.

You need to arrive early at the airport so that you are not late when the time for the flight comes. You also need to pass through the Passport control, and other areas. Therefore, you need to arrive early so that you have ample time to complete all the formalities. When you get to Porto airport, you need to get to the departure and check-in area. The kind of screen that you find in this area can be likened to the one found in train stations through these screens, you can tell the time from different countries because above the screen, there are a number of clocks. It is easy for you to tell the check-in area that you need.

When you get to the departures, it is possible for you to shop and eat. There is a shop that is large and duty free. Screens are great source of help with regard to the gate that you require. The food that is served there is glorious.

Departures from Porto airport do not have complications.

Airliner Flight Destination Status Sched.
TAP Portugal TP 452 Orly (ORY) En Route 06:25
Ryanair FR 4703 Bergamo (BGY) En Route 06:25
TAP Portugal TP 1711 Funchal (FNC) En Route (Delayed) 06:30
SATA Internacional S4 8287 Funchal (FNC) En Route (Delayed) 06:30
TAP Portugal TP 1921 Lisbon (LIS) Landed 06:30
SATA Internacional S4 8407 Lisbon (LIS) Landed 06:30
easyJet U2 1452 Geneva (GVA) En Route 06:30
Ryanair FR 4584 Barcelona (BCN) En Route 06:30
Ryanair FR 5483 Madrid (MAD) Landed 06:30
Ryanair FR 8344 Stansted (STN) En Route (Delayed) 06:35
Ryanair FR 2093 Lisbon (LIS) Landed 06:40
Ryanair FR 9135 Paris Beauvais Tille (BVA) En Route 06:50
TAP Portugal TP 938 Geneva (GVA) Scheduled (Delayed) 06:50
Finnair AY 6756 Geneva (GVA) Scheduled (Delayed) 06:50
SWISS LX 4589 Geneva (GVA) Scheduled (Delayed) 06:50
easyJet U2 7581 Stuttgart (STR) En Route 07:00
easyJet U2 1132 Mulhouse basel (BSL) En Route 07:05
Ryanair FR 7229 Valencia (VLC) En Route 07:20
TAP Portugal TP 1933 Lisbon (LIS) En Route 07:30
Lufthansa LH 6983 Lisbon (LIS) En Route 07:30
SATA Internacional S4 8401 Lisbon (LIS) En Route 07:30
South African Airways SA 7009 Lisbon (LIS) En Route 07:30
Ryanair FR 5452 Faro (FAO) Scheduled 08:05
Transavia France TO 3964 Funchal (FNC) Scheduled 08:05
Iberia IB 8721 Madrid (MAD) Scheduled 08:05
American Airlines AA 8504 Madrid (MAD) Scheduled 08:05
Transavia France TO 3403 Orly (ORY) Scheduled 08:10
Luxair LG 3770 Luxemburg (LUX) Scheduled 08:10
TAP Portugal TP 1929 Lisbon (LIS) Scheduled 08:30
Lufthansa LH 6969 Lisbon (LIS) Scheduled 08:30
SATA Internacional S4 8415 Lisbon (LIS) Scheduled 08:30
United Airlines UA 6888 Lisbon (LIS) Scheduled 08:30
Ryanair FR 2929 Brussels (BRU) Scheduled 08:30
Ryanair FR 1387 Brussels Charleroi (CRL) Scheduled 08:40
Ryanair FR 8346 Stansted (STN) Scheduled 08:40
Ryanair FR 4172 Hahn (HHN) Scheduled 08:45
TAP Portugal TP 334 Gatwick (LGW) Scheduled 08:50
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