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Wi-Fi at the Airport

If you need to connect the internet whilst you are at Porto airport, there is a free Wi-Fi service available for all passengers. With this service, you can connect to the internet from any Wi-Fi enabled devices such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This service is completely free and unlimited, and available throughout the terminal building. Before you can connect, you will be required to enter some personal information such as your email address and your home country.

The service offers download speeds in the region of 3 Mbps, and from my experience, this is consistent, even at peak times. The upload speed if approximately 2 Mbps. These speeds are more than adequate to check your emails, keep up to date with the latest news or chat with your friends via an app. If you intend to upload holiday photo to your Facebook account, it may seem a little slow for high-resolution images, and if you want to watch a movie, I would recommend you view it in standard definition (SD), as this speed is not suitable for high definition (HD) viewing.

If you are waiting in the VIP lounge, there is a separate Wi-Fi network available. The speed of the service is the same, but there are fewer people connected, so it may appear slightly faster.

How do I Connect to the Free Wi-Fi?

Connecting the Wi-Fi is easy. Just follow these steps from a smartphone, tablet or any Wi-Fi enabled device.

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi enabled device.
  2. Search for local Wi-Fi networks and find the network called "VINCI Airports Wi-Fi".
  3. Connect to this network and open a new web browser page.
  4. The browser page will show a welcome page. Enter your email address, your country and all other information it requires.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions for using this service and click 'Connect'.
  6. After connecting, you can freely view your emails, browse the internet or open your apps.

If you are moving through the airport and the connection gets dropped, just connect to the "VINCI Airports Wi-Fi" network again and you can continue using this service. Personal details are not required for subsequent connections.

Customer Support

If you need any support with the Wi-Fi network, you can visit the information desks around the airport. Alternatively, you can call the number below for assistance. You can call this number between 07:00 and 19:00 daily and there is an operator who speaks English.

  • Telephone Number: (+351) 707 502 267