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Interactive Images of the Airport

If it is your first time flying into or out of Porto airport, the images below may be of interest to you. There are several interactive images showing different areas of the airport such at the departures hall, arrivals hall and the shopping area in the departures lounge.

All of the images can be rotated 360° by holding the image with your mouse and moving it. With some images, you can also walk forwards and backwards. Just click your mouse on the floor to a new position and you will move there.


If you are driving or being driven to the airport, this is the first glimpse you will see of the terminal.

Departures Hall

The entrance to the departures hall.

The view you will see inside the departures hall.

Departures Lounge

Here is what the shopping area looks like in the departures lounge.

The best shop in the terminal for many; the duty-free lounge.

Arrivals Hall

If you are going to collect a passenger, this is what you will see.

Baggage Reclaim Area

Ever wondered what the baggage reclaim is like? maybe not, but here it is.

Public Transport

The Metro station is very modern. Here is what the platform looks like.

Do you need to catch a bus? It is all undercover and just outside of the arrivals hall.