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Aeroporto do porto, Balcao 8, Porto, Porto (Oporto) (Portugal)
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Alamo Porto Airport

Alamo car hire is one of the international car hire companies that have offices at Porto airport. Just as there are rental conditions that apply as you make car reservation and when picking it from the pickup station, you need to note that there are a number of conditions that apply when returning the car.

When you rent the car from third company, there is an agreed duration of time after which you should return the car. The company gives you a grace period that does not exceed one hour after the time for returning the car reaches. From there the lateness fee starts to rack up. To avoid paying the lateness fee, if you still need the car for longer than you had stated, you only need to make a call to the office so that an extension is made. However, you have to pay some fee for that extension. This means that if you are able to predetermine the exact duration of time that you will need the car, the better.

When you return the car, it must be inspected so that it is determined whether you have caused any damages on it. Before you leave the car, remember to inspect the whole car including the trunk so that you do not leave any personal belongings in the car. Alamo is an international company with agencies with other parts of Portugal. Therefore, even when you are travelling to a remote area, you need not to worry. This is because in case of any unfortunate happening, the company has the ability to provide you with the necessary support.

If you need any extra amenities like GPS map, you need to state in advance. Since they are not things that are used by everyone, they are not things that you will find in all cars.