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Aeroporto do porto, Balcao 8, Porto, Porto (Oporto) (Portugal)
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Europcar Porto Airport

Before you rent a car from Europcar, there are a number of things that you need to know. For example, you need to have a valid driving license and not a copy of it or an interim. The license that you produce must be valid in Portugal. It must be at least one year since the license was presented to you, and its source must be from authorized authorities.

Other than your national driving license, you must have an international driver’s permit. However, this is mandatory when your national driving license is in a language that is different from that of Portugal. For the international driver’s permit to be valid, it has to be accompanied by your national driving license.

If you will be a foreigner in Portugal, you will need to present a valid passport or an identity card that is valid. Be sure to confirm the age requirement in case you have a young driver. This is because it depends on the vehicle category that you are renting. If you have additional drivers with you, just as with a young driver’s case, you will have to pay some surcharges.

When you go to pick the car, you need to have a valid credit card. If you have a Europcar charge card, it also needs to be valid at the time of picking up the car. The advantage of using the Europcar prepaid voucher to make payment is that you still need to present your credit card. The reason is that there are that are not prepaid. This includes extras, and refueling charges. Some of the major credit card accepted when renting a car from Europcar car hire at Porto airport is Diner’s club, American express, Visa and MasterCard. You need to confirm whether the credit card that you have is valid in Portugal.