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Aeroporto do porto, Balcao 8, Porto, Porto (Oporto) (Portugal)
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Avis Porto Airport

Renting a car is more expensive compared to the other modes of transport that you can utilize when you get to Porto airport. However, it is the best option when you need freedom and flexibility as you depart Porto airport and head to your destination.

When you hire a car at Avis car hire company, you need to read and understand all the rental conditions. One of the conditions is one that is focused on the condition of the vehicle. When you rent the car from the company, you are expected to return it in the same condition that you picked it up in. Once you have signed the contract, you assume its full responsibility. In case it is damage or is involved in an accident, you are the one to carry the financial burden.

When you are presented with the car at the pickup station, you need to note that it is your duty to inspect in order to confirm whether it has any damages or not. If you find any, you need to report in writing because if you fail to report, the cost may be passed on to you. Especially when the driving rules that are Portugal are different from those of your country, you need some practice so that you are perfect on the road. If you kept the desired speed limit and obey the traffic rules, you will avoid being in problems with the traffic police.

Avis car Hire Company has an office at Porto airport. Having the airport as your pick up location is more expensive because you have to pay additional taxes and fees. Therefore if you want to save some money or are on a tight budget, you may choose a pick up station that is near the airport.

Avis car hire is company that is reputable in delivery of services.