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Aeroporto do porto, Balcao 8, Porto, Porto (Oporto) (Portugal)
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Budget Porto Airport

Budget car hire is one of the reputable car hire companies in Portugal. It has an office in Porto airport and you can hire a car from the company regardless of your destination. One of the key factors is that the cars are maintained in good condition and therefore, you can hire a car from the company when travelling to a destination that is relatively far.

To avoid wasting time when you are not sure of the exact address of your destination, you need to request for a map in advance. Alternatively, you may request well in advance that your car be fitted with GPS system. When you are not sure of your destination, you end up wasting time and fuel.

When renting a car from Budget, you need to have determined whether you will be travelling a lot or not. If you will be travelling a lot, you will need unlimited mileage. Note that when you choose limited mileage and then you exceed it, you will have to pay a significant amount for that. This means that in many cases, unlimited mileage is cheaper.

With many of the European countries, most of the cars for car hire are those with a manual transmission. Therefore, if you wish to rent a car with an automatic transmission, you need to confirm this by reading the fine print. Note that a car with an automatic transmission will cost you much more than the one with a manual one.

If you rent a car that you are not familiar with, do some practice before leaving the pickup station so that you are perfect on the road. When you just decide to get to the road yet you are not well familiar with the vehicle, you risk causing an accident. Budget is fast in providing you with any information that you need concerning renting a car from them.